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Friday, February 17, 2017

LRD Fashion's Joonie Dress Premiers @ SWANK Events February 2017

Embrace your feminine side with this playful HUD driven 
LRD Joonie Dress. I love the detailing of its cuff sleeved 
blouse with open notched wing collar and flounced skirt. 

Ah, but this more than just a dress...

For this is a very special dress -
which magically channels classic charm with its 
gorgeous A-line profile and sweet bow belt accent. 

This dress embodies the perfect recipe for romance.

LRD Fashion has made a fresh look dress for you that will keep you both 
trendy and elegant for your every moment here in Second Life.

You will also have a blast mixing & matching too! 

It lends you so many color, pattern and material texture 
options to look your very best. The look is totally up to you!

This fresh look dress offers a choice of solid body basic, 
lace or floral pattern HUD driven options with seemingly endless 
combinations that allows you to mix & match to your heart’s content. 

This new dress is perfect for this coming Spring and Summer. 

You can look your best with platform sneakers for a sweet look 
or treat yourself to peep-toe heels for an elegant look.

You can wear this blouse and skirt for just about any occasion you want. 

So Ladies, this LRD Joonie Dress is a must for your wardrobe collection. 
It is the perfect blend of tailored, relaxed. classic, chic, and beautiful.

Store: LRD
Designer: LRD Mesh Clothes (linealrise)
Product: Joonie Dress
Collection: Truly, Deeply, Madly
Release: February
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

PRISM Dawn Peasant Dress (Valentine Edition) Premiers @ SWANK Events February

If you're on the lookout for versatility, a peasant dress 
may be a good fit for your Second Life wardrobe. 

Today, I am showcasing the Prism Dawn Peasant Dress Valentine Edition 
available at Swank Events February.

I love peasant dresses. I find that they possess a certain "folksy" element 
that makes them stand out from the crowd. 

 This type of dress is the perfect solution when you want 
something as comfortable as a shift but a little 
more playful in appearance. 

You can wear them any time of year, but they're especially nice in the 
Summer because they're loose and usually made of lightweight materials.

There are also so many different ways to change up the look of a peasant dress. 

I decided to keep my appearance simple and let the heart patterned 
textures make the statement for my country look. 

I also wore this peasant dress with sheer white 
garter stockings to complement the white lace hem. 

They also provide a slightly edgier look, pairing them with 
heels for a more daring me with plenty of attitude.

I added this broad brim hat to embellish this dress for a touch of extra pizzazz. 
It also seems to gel well with added chunky jewelry for those who 
want something a bit more glam & unusual for cocktail hour.

This short, flowing dress has an off shoulder and ruffled modest neckline, 
with long puffy sleeves for those cold mornings.

So Ladies, get out there and spread love, happiness and good vibes wearing 
this gorgeous Prism Dawn Peasant Dress (Valentine Edition).

Store: PRISM
Designer: JEZZIXA Cazalet
Product: Dawn Peasant Dress Valentine Edition
Collection: Truly, Deeply, Madly
Release: February
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Scandalize Lyd Jumpsuit Premiers @ SWANK Events February 2017

This Scandalize Lyd Jumpsuit is an effortless route 
to chic, whether you're heading to a SL beach fête 
or taking in a rooftop party.

The jumpsuit sensation has as much to do with demand 
as it does with what the designers have created 
for this upcoming Second Life fashion season.

Today's modern jumpsuits, unlike their spandex forerunners, 
are more casual fitting (like pajamas) 
which makes them very comfortable looking to wear.

Plenty of trends emerge during resort season, 
from scrunchy paper-bag waists to polka dots. 

However, nothing comes close to that of the reemerging jumpsuit.

The “Less is More” phenomenon in Fashion takes a much simpler route 
with the ability to acccessorize this easy-chic one-piece Scandalize Lyd Jumpsuit. 

Pair it with a pair of strappy sandals for a daytime adventure, or with 
jewelry and chunky heels for a summer evening out.

And, for those women who prefer to be a bit more dressed, 
this Scandalize Lyd Jumpsuit can be dressed down with 
slip-on sneakers or up with heels and a blazer. 

With all of its accessorizing options, this Scandalize Lyd Jumpsuit will
take you from day to night wear seamlessly. 

This outfit also comes with a menu-driven HUD which allows 
you ten (10) different color choices.

Store: Scandalize
Designer: Paris Mosely (yanikka) 
Product: Lyd Jumpsuit
Collection: Truly, Deeply, Madly
Release: February
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

JS Creations Lovers Silk Gown Premiering at SWANK Events February

Before I introduce you to this fabulous JS Creations Lovers Silk Gown, 
I would like to first take a brief journey back in history to relive 
the origins of the evening gown and its impact on Western cultural society.

The Evening Gown origins dates back to the 15th century 
with the rise of the Burgundian court. 

Back then wool (in various weaves) was the most dominant 
fabric for dresses. Ladies of the court often simply added a train 
 to their kirtle for formal occasions. 

Rich fabrics were usually the domain of the nobility, and clothing 
was still used as an identifier of social rank & status. 

With the dawn of the Renaissance, the art of weaving silk 
was firmly established in the Mediterranean and silk weaves 
became fashionable for those who could afford them. 

During the 16th & 17th centuries the renaissance brought 
focus on art, literature and music. 

This created a luxuriant environment for feminine formal fashion clothing. 

Elaborate dinners, dances, and theatre productions allowed 
fashionable ladies to showcase their attire.

During the entire Renaissance period, a ball or evening 
dress was synonymous with court dress, as formal balls took 
place in the palaces and salons of the nobility who copied 
the latest fashions at the courts. 

Starting with the late 18th century, the term "evening or 
ball gown" emerged, as balls and formal dances were no 
longer the sole domain of royals and aristocrats.

Fast forward to today’s World and you see that evening 
gowns have maintained their prominence and stature in 
beauty pageants, be it national or international. 

Judges score the contestants in the evening gown segment, 
the highest of which is propelled in the Top 5. 

The crowning moment in the Miss Universe Pageant for 
example shows the winner and the rest of the pageant 
contestants in evening gowns.

Like many things in life, a gown is only as grand as the sum of its parts. 

That said, this JS Creation Lovers Silk Gown possesses 
several understated dynamics all which work seamlessly 
together to enhance your unique beauty and vision. 

The gorgeous styling of this MUSE Angel Hair with these stunning
Luminesse Siella Cerise Necklace & Earrings 
befit the elegance of this gown perfectly!

With homage to the nobility and luxuriant decadence past, 
this contemporary mermaid evening gown features an 
empire belted waistline accompanied by a muted floral 
pattern set to sophisticated mood with a long flowing skirt 
and beautifully defined flounce.

The inherent sex appeal of its strapless bodice bustline 
is elegantly downplayed with the addition of muted 
variegated patterning of this dress, yet magically highlighted by 
its body-caressing folds which gather across the hips and down your sexy thighs.

No matter what your position or stature is in life, be it here 
in SL or in RL, this JS Creations Lovers Silk Gown will surely 
make you the Cinderella of your Lover’s dreams.

Store: JS Creations
Designer: Jessickaaah 
Product: Lovers Silk Gown 
Collection: Truly, Deeply, Madly
Release: February
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Friday, February 10, 2017

L Amore White Snow Gown Premiers at Swank's Event February 2017

To the Fairest of Them All...

Honoring Snow White's graceful nature, this timeless 
L Amore White Snow Gown is both whimsical and romantic at once. 

Wearing this fairy story white snow gown makes the tale of 
sweet elegance and enduring love come true. 

The ensemble incudes a headdress featuring white-blush stemmed 
hearts, white organza floral chest and luxuriant fluted floral embroidered skirting 
which encircle its strapless sweetheart boned corset bodice.

The gown is magically adorned with a lovely heaven bow unfurling into the air. 

The Snow White-inspired heaven bow features beautiful sheer lace 
textures and stunning flowers and petals—
paying tribute to Snow White’s gentle grace and beauty.

Store: L Amore
Designer: Angy Kristan (angels.kristan) 
Product: White Snow Gown 
Collection: Truly, Deeply, Madly
Release: February
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Come Celebrate Jolie’s New ART DREAMS Gallery - Wednesday, February 8th

Hear Yee, Hear Yee! Come one, come all to 
Jolie’s ART DREAMS Gallery’s Grand Opening!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

ART DREAMS NOVUS Fondness 2017

Come explore her new gallery and check out the 
many wonderful exhibits that she has on display.

The vase also complements her canvas ART DREAMS Autumn Blaze.

If you enjoy vivid, impressionistic paintings that capture 
the feeling of being outdoors, you will absolutely 
fall in love with Jolie’s collections at her 
new Second Life ART DREAMS Gallery

ART DREAMS Sand and Sea Dreams

Inspired by Biophilic fractal patterns, her post impressionist 
technique is done with richly expressive colors and 
wonderful compositions that most effectively capture the 
beauty, emotional movement & drama of nature’s landscape. 

ART DREAMS Never Far 2017

Her work is proof that post impressionism is 
alive and well in Second Life and that the passion 
for and continuation of the great impressionists still rides 
high in our modern era through her creative endeavors.

Art emulates life through one's personal experiences. 

ART DREAMS Winter Telrunya 2017

Just like an intimate relationship, one must first relate 
to art to attain meaning of and intimacy with it. 
 So goes art in understanding its bond with our soul.

Art is subjective. Art is also one of the few things in life 
that can evoke divergent emotions with people. 

It all depends on what your eye perceives and how you interpret it.

ART DREAMS Calas Beach Retreat 2017

To some, a painting may just be splashes of color on canvas 
without content. However to others, when scrutinized 
closely this same painting may reveal itself as a calming pathway 
lined with beautiful flowers under a canopy of shade trees in springtime.

Jolie’s work speaks volumes to that premise.

Her artwork blossoms with the vivid use of color in digital 
brushstrokes through her deep innate passions & sensualities.

Formally taught by Masters from the Cape School of Art in 
Provincetown, Massachusetts, Jolie's unique style and artful 
techniques reflects not only her life experiences but more profoundly 
her quest to push beyond the boundaries from what was to what is to become.

Classically trained in plein-air technique in real life, she studied 
intensively, creating paintings from life, be it portrait, still life or landscape.  

Jolie started showing in publlc shows at the age of 19 and that same 
year worked as a sidewalk portrait artist for Walt Disney World. 


After many rewarding years teaching Art in public schools, 
Jolie is now happily exploring new worlds in digital arts to 
push beyond the envelope of the past into new horizons to 
be appreciated by all those who seek knowledge and love 
for the fine arts. 

ART DREAMS Sand Dreams

Nature is a Biophilic gift and Impressionism is the 
celebration of life through our innate love for nature. 

Jolie’s Fractal patterns and forms are captured with her 
vivid use of color and magical brush strokes to sooth and 
delight our Biophilic senses. 

Her art is a marriage of her real life painting and digital skills. 
It is also a joyful reminder on canvas of how 
we experience life and appreciate all of its blessings.

Come visit her Art Dreams Gallery at: