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Thursday, October 13, 2016

SWANK Event Premiers playful Katie Leggings for October

Flirty mini dresses are a girl’s go-to, so do it in style in this 
LRD Sadie Dress with these new HUD color & 
pattern changing Katie Leggings. 

The mini has been a staple fashion favorite since the swinging 60's. 

This short dress will be your style savior for every possible 
occasion no matter the time of year. 

This small and sexy piece embodies some of the most 
fascinating paradoxes in today’s fashion. 

 The mini dress exudes both empowerment and vulnerability, independence and a desire to please, maturity and playfulness, 
and liberation and exploitation. 

Whether you’re looking for a spectacular party or casual 
mini dress for day time frolicking, all eyes will be on you 
in this very cute LRD Sadie Dress & Katie Leggings. 

This season is all about figure flattering 
bodycons, cool contrasts and fun patterns. 

So, I paired this strapless style mini with these 
checkered leggings for a very cool look as style points. 

Both somewhat rebellious and playful, I love the design of 
this solid colored dress with its simple white banding 
across the strapless bandeau neckline and bottom hem.

And, with the just released Katie Leggings,
it is a one-two combination knockout!

The single, button-down outseam adds just the 
right touch of naughty, energetic and youthful 
appearance to this dress.

Store: LRD
Designer: LRD Mesh Clothes (linealrise)
Product:  Sadie Dress & Katie Leggings
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: October
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

SWANK Events October Premiers POSH Pixels Miami Tank Top & Pants Outfit

Wearing this enticing POSH PIXELS Miami Tank Top & Pants 
outfit makes me feel free and very attractive. 

Have you ever wondered how the tank top got its name?

Well, in the 1920′s women were required to dress more 
conservatively when taking a dip in the "swimming tank," 
which is now more commonly know as the "swimming pool." 

These bathing suits were once referred to as "tank suits."
Straps were a requirement for this type of fashion swim wear. 

The similarity between tank suits and tank tops 
helped coin the "tank top" name.

Fast forward to today's SL fashion world to see
just how far the tank top has evolved.

The beautiful floral fall patterning of the
open front midriff tank and solid pleated
bell pants welcomes the season of abundance. 

It is one of those must-have SL wardrobe closet essentials 
that delivers a relaxed, chic and sexy look.

This outfit also comes with a color changing HUD which 
gives you six different color themes in subdued hues.

By design, its skinny straps support a draped, open 
midsection bodice. Just the right touch of  
jeweled embroidery elegantly adorns its neckline. 

It also comes with complementing earrings & necklace.

In general, there is much more to our clothing choices in life 
than we might imagine. For some, what they wear is 
merely a matter of habit, but for many it may pay dividends 
in how they feel about themselves and relate to others. 

Our clothes says a great deal about who we are and can also signal what we  believe are socially important things to those around us. 

Your choices in clothing often reveal what is really going on internally. Your thoughts and feelings are laid bare in your wardrobe closet.

Case in point is this POSH PIXELS Miami Tank Top & Pants outfit.

Although the look is quite de rigueur these days, I have to 
admit that baring my tummy wearing this top makes me feel more intimate than going panty-less at times. 

So ladies, if you enjoy your freedom, immerse yourself this fall in this casual POSH Pixel Miami Tank & Pants Outfit. You will love it!

Designer: ραм ℵιgнтѕнαđσω ღ (vampirepam)
Product: Miami Tank Top & Pants Outfit 
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: October
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Monday, October 3, 2016

LUXE Paris Premiers the Fabulous Lime Rain Jacket & Leggings Outfit @ SWANK Events October

As in the fruit it is named after, the color lime green is an 
active and vibrant shade of green and yellow.

Seeing this Luxe Paris Lime Rain Jacket & Leggings outfit 
for the very first time I was caught by pleasant surprise, 
captivated and in state of pure, unabashed wonder. 

Lime green is a refreshing color, whether one chooses to 
wear it or use it to paint a room. Paired with the black 
and silver colors, it makes a striking statement.

Limes deserve to be in the fashion limelight. 
And Luxe Paris does just that! 

Elegant, artful and hip in appearance with its funnel crew collar
and button-down look, this outfit is superfluous yet SO sexy!

It is catchy to the eye, almost neon and definitely moxie.

The vibrant lime green jacket looks stunning with the lime, 
black and silver leggings. It is very hip urban styling!

This unexpected lime outfit from Luxe Paris Fashion has
a very unique and spirited look. It's absolutely gorgeous! 

So, take a cue from Becks...
"Whoo-whoo-whoo, whoo-ooh-ooh, Put the Lime in the Coconut..."

 Make this hip hop lime, black and silver 
combo one of your favorite forbidden fruits. 

Store: Luxe Paris Fashion
Designers: Mika Palmyra & Paris Skytower
Product: Lime Rain Jacket & Leggings 
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: October

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Sunday, October 2, 2016

MUSE Enchantress Gown Now Premiering @ SWANK Events October

There's something refreshing about a gown-type that 
requires less attention to accessorize - from its simplicity
of silhouette to its never-ending color and pattern options. 

 Well, this MUSE Enchantress Gown embraces 
simplicity, flexibility and elegance all at once.

It is an ensemble that's innately feminine, stylish and 
proper with enough personal styling opportunities to 
capture just the right mood you happen to be in.

The words "fall" and "dresses" often go hand-in-hand, with long 
dresses taking precedence above all other articles of clothing. 

What I like about this dress is its unconventional gothic 
floral Rose Brooch Jewelry Wrap. 

It reminds the most naysaying of wrap-haters as to the elegance 
of integrating this piece so flawlessly into your wardrobe. 

That said, it's time to change your mind set on what to 
wear formally - Not just because this dress embraces 
the colors of Fall, or not just because it's on-trend. 

It is because there is no item that makes you feel 
as good as this perfect dress.

There is so much more to this MUSE Enchantress Gown 
than just the "throw-on-and-go" mentality. 

Once you start exploring its HUDs and the choice of Fall color combinations it offers, hopefully my sartorial suggestions will 
lead you to wearing this sophisticated piece of your dreams.

Store: MUSE
Designer: Norena Soir
Product: MUSE Enchantress Gown 
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: October

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

CW Popper Gown Especial Premiers @ SWANK Events September

Ladies, feast your eyes upon the aesthetic palette 
of this stunning CW Popper Gown Especial in Black & Gold.

One of the great joys of shopping for a 
wardrobe here in Second Life is to go daring.  

What is "daring?"

Daring for me is choosing a dress that is a bit outside 
the boundaries of what you would usually wear, 
something that feels audaciously bold to wear. 

It possesses an added dash of style, the emotional uplift that 
it brings wearing it and often the mood it creates.

That being said, I dare you to make your ballroom 
entrance in this spirited CW Popper Gown.  

All eyes will definitely be on you. 

So, if you’re confident and looking for a show-stopping dress, 
this mermaid style CW Popper Especial Black & Gold Gown is for you! 

The long slender straps of this gown travel & scrumptiously 
traverse your body like the long reins of Apollo's chariot. 

These straps sensually wrap around the waist then lace 
and cross over the shoulders, up across the plunging back into 
the small eyelets of its shimmering gold plunging triangle cups. 

This wrap-around look certainly creates a stunning, 
jaw-dropping transition at its empire waist.

This modern and tempting gown also features 
a layered black sheer train which completes its 
glamorous appearance as it gracefully flairs 
and then transcends gracefully to the floor.

This CW Popper Gown Especial also comes
with a beautiful black & gold clutch, pearl
earrings, necklace and bracelet.

Without a doubt this CW Popper Gown Especial in Black & Gold
is one of the sexiest of all dress silhouettes. Its curve-hugging
shape is guaranteed to take your man’s breath away.

Store: Celestinas Weddings
Designer: Sofia Corleone
Product: Popper Gown Especial in Black & Gold 
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: September
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Culco Cowl Back Dress Redefines "The Little Black Dress" @ Swank Event September

Across the curve of social history during the 20th and 21st 
centuries, the “little black dress” has captivated 
the heart, mind and spirit of the modern fashion world.

Hence, I dare share with you this Culco Cowl-Back Mini Dress.

The little black dress has delivered some of the 
most indelible images of our visual age. 

Coco Chanel certainly got it right when she 
originally made it a must in her collections.

Imbued with suggestion from restraint to temptation, 
from glamour to grace - this Culco Cowl Back Dress has it all.

It’s the one black dress that every woman here in SL 
should have in their wardrobe closet.

This Culco dress is definitely less frou-frou and much more understated. It embodies the essence of your sensual
being with a less is more statement.

This Culco Cowl Back Dress is a timeless take on the
evening’s black mini. The mini-length skirt of this
dress creates a sleek bodycon look, complement-
ing your curves for an elegant finish.

Its sheer bodice front neckline, flirty hem 
and plunging cowl back all combine making 
this the ultimate sexy silhouette. 

You will be arousing more than curiosity when you 
step out in this very chic Culco Cowl Back Dress. 

It will make any man's heart race with excitement!

Store: -CULCO-
Designer: Culco
Product: Cowl Back Dress 
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: September
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Monday, September 5, 2016

SAGE Daisy Dress Now Premiering @ SWANK Event September

Today, much of our leisure time is absorbed in the world of 
Snapchat, Instagram stories and other forms of social media. 

That said, it's refreshing to come into Second Life to just play, 
love and create in a world so fun and personally gratifying. 

The fashion industry in SL brings warm smiles, 
fun and often rebirth to many here.

This SAGE Daisy Dress is a splendid example 
of this fun-loving fashion lifestyle.

From its gathered and ruched sweetheart neckline, down 
to its tiered & ruffled skirts, this dress exemplifies 
femininity with playful charm. 

With its demure corset-style center-paneled bodice and petticoat-inspired skirt, this dress fondly captures the charm of eras past. 

Pleated edging detailing decorates the décolletage 
at the cup neck and gore in corset-like manner. 

The front panel of the torso reveals vertical 
decorative single-stitching details. 

I love its dropped waist which visually lengthens 
the body while the tiered and ruffled skirt panels lends a
flouncy bouncy finish - giving this
beautiful SAGE Daisy Dress a chic, care-free style. 

The skirt has 3 tiers: two ruffles with petite daisy patterns and; 
one straight hem with complementing white polka dots. 

This dress is the perfect representation of the early modern 
era mixed with vintage and modern chic styling. 

You can clearly see the transition from vintage to 
modern styling with the chic leather and string-tied belt. 

The delicate plisse crushed pleat detailing on the back adds depth 
and visual interest beautifully showing off your girly side. 

This dress also has a color options HUD which 
allows you to change colors of the bodice, 
the skirt and the belt separately. 

This is a really pretty dress, offering lots of color 
variations with a color options HUD included. 

Combined with the gorgeous HUD driven
Semi-Precious Brenna Mega Pack Jewelry Set
(sold separately), it offers you seemingly endless
accessorizing color options with this SAGE Daisy Dress.

So Ladies, explore your own creativity with your own possibilities and expand your artistic nature with this enchanting SAGE Daisy Dress.

Store: SAGE Fashion
Designers: Sage Pexie
Product: Daisy Dress 
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: September
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)