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Monday, February 19, 2018

Desire Lipstick by Indulge Temptations! Premiers at Swank Events "50 Shades of Red" - Perfect Red Shades of Creamy Satin with a Touch of Gloss.

Cosmetics are a vital component to your overall look. 

Having the correct lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and highlighters 
all combine to enhance and flatter your beauty. 

If you're looking for rich cream satin lips for added dimension, 
look no further than Aina’s Indulge Temptation! (!IT!) Desire Lipstick.

Her lip candy is being featured this month at Swank Events 50 Shades of Red. 

She has a deliciously gorgeous collection of lipstick aptly called "Desire" for 
you to feast those luscious lips of yours upon. 

Even if red lipstick isn't a trend, the way we wear it and the shades available certainly are. 
Here in SL, rather than pairing the shade of red lipstick with bold eyeshadow, today designers 
are taking a less-is-more approach - varying the shades of reds while subduing the eyes.

Red lipstick is timeless and bridges both age and culture. 

The secret to choosing the right red lip color is in the undertones. 
That said, the basic rules for wearing red lipstick are as follows:

Pink-skinned girls should opt for cherry red. 

Those with olive skin can wear fire-engine red. 
Dark skin looks great with deep reds. 

Kevyn Aucoin, who achieved a meteoric rise as a cosmetic fashion legend worked
his magic on celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Whitney Houston.

In his book, "The Art of Makeup," he outlined the ten most common beauty
mistakes on how to apply makeup. Knowing whether your skin is cool, warm, or
neutral-toned is an integral part of the cosmetic-matching process. 

The art of makeup is all about blending and tone matching.

Failing to understand the right shades and colors will
likely cause your makeup to look like a paint-by-numbers fiasco.
With many of the new bento heads, blending can be achieved
relatively easy with the included HUD driven controls.

When it comes to your lipstick, bright colors applied can look great,
but they draw attention and you run the risk of looking like you are over-painted,
rather than having an overall balanced composition to your facial makeup.

This Desire Lipstick by Indulge Temptations! is the perfect blend 
of creamy satin with a touch of lip gloss.

Store: Indulge Temptation! (!IT!)
Designer: Aina (aneanu) 
Product: Desire Lipstick 
Collection: 50 Shades of Red
Release: February 2018
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

SWANK Events February 50 Shades of Red Introduces Ghostyss Amelie Red Dress - Powerful, Fiery, Sexy, Sensual and Erotic

The color Red has been associated with love and passion. 

For most of us, red equates to love. This is because the color red 
is associated with blood, which comes from the heart - a symbol of love.

This Ghostyss Amelie Red Dress, with its sensual lace embroidery design, carries 
a strong sexual message. There is nothing more powerful and provocative than
 that of wearing a red dress with red shoes and red lipstick to make one feel sexy.

This dress captures that sense of burning passion within us. 
When I wear a red dress, I feel hot.

This red bodycon mini is empirical proof as the dress to wear when 
you are trying to get a man’s attention - for men appear to 
be driven by primal instincts that associates the color red with sex.

Color study research has shown that men rate woman in red as
being more desirable than in any other color worn.

And insofar as backgrounds are concerned, men have found woman standing
against a red background more attractive than that of any other color.

Psychologists behind this research also claim that the color red carries subtle
but powerful messages about how receptive a woman might be to
romantic advances and so men find it more alluring.

The "lady in red" is a sexually appealing image for men. It conjures
 alluring provocative images in our modern culture,  inspiring such songs
as The Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh. 

Just as the Swank Event theme “50 Shades of Red” suggests, there are numerous
 shades in the red spectrum, many of which connote different ranges of emotions.

Pink, for instance, might connote the love one has for a child. - sweet and innocent.
 However, the more vibrant, traditional red may be indicative of the passionate love
you share with a spouse or romantic partner.

Red, also can represents more than just love - for many associate it with anger.
Therefore, Red literally has a love/hate relationship with itself. 

Then of course, the color red has X-rated associations,
like Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District,
  known for legal prostitution, sex shops and brothels.

However you interpret it - powerful, fiery, sexy, sensual or erotic, the color
Red is bold and beautiful. That said, the chic and stunning look of this lacy
Ghostyss Amelie Red Dress will send dares to your mind.

And, like that of a fish net, it cast vibes that will turn heads.

Stores:   Ghostyss 
Designers: Kryss Ghost 
Producs: Amelie Red Dress 
Collection: 50 Shades of Red
Release: February 2018
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Swank Events "50 Shades of Red" Premiers Ghostyss Rebecca Dress with Letituier's Irina Hair- Wearing What Your Secret Desires Whisper in Your Ear.

"Tell me how you want to make love and I’ll tell you who you are inside."

Deep in the sensual chasms of my mind, in order for me to be true to myself and 
not hypocritical, there is no place where I feel most truly in touch with myself 
 than when I am in the arms of my lover, being held, kissed and caressed.

Acquiring this Rebecca Red Dress from Swank Events New Gala Showroom and 
then adorning it, I immediately became allured and captured by its 
sensuous bodycon fit and glamous appearance. 

This sexy red mini transcends your mind to those far away places 
where seduction overwhelms your sensibilities and your ability to resist.

Then I noticed Letituier's Irina Hair - Exquisite and innovative, this
High Pony Avant-Garde hairstyle is the perfect choice for my daring fetish adventures.

Here in Second Life, it is my fervent belief that, who we are deep down inside 
is often defined by our libidos. After all, we are all sexual creatures. 

This world permits sexual expression in a much more open and provocative way. 
It is also not so much about how we make love here, but rather by the way
 we want to be perceived, desired and ultimately enjoyed. 

Therefore, our curious and sometimes antagonistic relationships 
allows us to openly explore our fetish intimacies. 

Our sensuality defines us. In the fetish world, sex is 
our communion through intimacy. 

Orgasm is le petite mort – a no-mind state of being
by which our conscious shuts down and our inner self takes control. 

Our deepest, secret selves are revealed by what goes on between our ears, sexually
 emoting & roleplaying to a world where nobody else can see us beyond the screen.

As I model through this fantasy Second Life World, I come across many 
different cultures and lifestyles here. It has most recently taken me to the 
Mature Fetish (M/F) Lounge.  Its main focus is on providing a receptive 
and forward thinking environment for these expressive kinks within all of us. 

It is an adult lounge and not for the faint-hearted.
 It caters to a select group of glamorous people who enjoy mature, 
sensual fetish in an ambient aesthetic called “New Industrial Chic.” 

For adults with fetish kink, glamour & chic rule the night in hues of blues 
and somber darkened tones. It is a place where we make our fantasies come true.

The art of seduction here is alive and pursued at M/F with sensuality, wile and cunning.  

Light to dark, day to night, opposite ends along the same 
path, being pulled towards each other. 

Primal instincts become enticed by the kink 
and mystique of this New Industrial Chic environment. 

The music here is rhythmic and lulling, enhancing my senses and desires.  

As I dance, my body melds into the arms of my lover; my mind held 
captive within the walls of this incredible erotic, surreal sexual landscape.

Stores:   Ghostyss & Letituier's 
Designers: Kryss Ghost & Nayomi Gartner (respectively)
Producs: Rebecca Red Dress &  Irina Hair
Collection: 50 Shades of Red
Release: February 2018

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Swank Events February Introduces the LUXE Paris COMFY Top & Shorts - The Perfect Balance Between Trendy Casual and Sassy Chic Styling

Heading out to one of the fabulous beach club resorts here in Second Life? 

 Whether you’re a romper and wedges girl, a bodysuit babe, a girly girl who 
prefers floral and pastels, or a trendsetter who loves trying new styles - 
this LUXE Paris COMFY Top & Shorts outfit will make you feel totally hot! 

This is probably one of the cutest sets that I have ever worn! 

It certainly defines LUXE Paris Design’s pursuit for the perfect balance 
between trendy casual and sassy chic. I am absolutely obsessed with its look!

Instead of settling for an ordinary solid top, this top gives your look personality. 
 With the emergence of Spring 2018 comes rich colors and new bold floral looks.

The black background of this outfit helps to accentuate its dynamic floral appliqué 
colors of red, maroon, pink, grey and tan hues with eye-catching style. 

Luxe Paris has outdone itself by complementing this long sleeve top
with a faux-wrap black suede mini skirt. I also love the look of this top 
with its notched-V boatneck styling, puffed shoulders & statement long sleeves. 

It is certainly far more sexier and comfortable looking than strapping 
yourself into something body-con. This combo is the best of both worlds! 

There’s nothing prettier than a cute blouse and mini skirt in the springtime 
with such beautiful floral patterning. To finish off the look of this outfit, 
Luxe Paris has also accessorized it with an adorable black sporran pouch. 

Store: LUXE Paris Fashion
Designer: Mika Palmyra & Paris Skytower
Product: LUXE Paris COMFY Top & Shorts
Collection: 50 Shades of Red
Release: February 2018
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Swank Events 50 Shades of Red February Theme Introduces the Lore'A Morgane Dress - Exuding Elegance, Glitz & Glamor

Hey girls…there is no need to flock with the other flamingos, for this 
retro Lore'a Morgane Dress in red will make you stand out in the crowd.

Looking more closely at this dress you will discover that the elegant regal petite 
patterning is one of many features which makes this dress truly exceptional.

Its sleeveless mock neckline with matching opera gloves, body hugging bodice 
and glitzy gold ruffled uneven hem will keep you grooving wherever your desires lead you.

Drawing the free-spirited fun and inspiration from the roaring ‘20s flapper style dress, 
this Lore'a Morgane Dress captures the moment in abso;ute style.

The 1920s is certainly one of the most influential, creative and unique epochs 
in modern fashion history. Like its predecessors of this fashion period, 
this Morgane dress exudes a sexy showgirl look, 
highlighting your legs with a pronouncing short slanted skirt.

The short, slinky, flapper look was in full style by 1925. 
Unlike the bodycon appearance of this Morgane silhouette, 
the flapper dresses were looser fitting slip-over types, 
but shared a short hem and were usually sleeveless.

That said, the shape to the silhouette of this dress accentuates the hips 
with subtle flair which was also a distinct feature of the 1920s style.

Check out these gorgeous strappy DE Boutique Anna Heels in Red
This Lore’a Morgane dress is beyond cute, making it the perfect and insanely fun 
dress to wear out dancing to swish & swirl to your heart’s content. 

This dress will look great for any occasion that calls for glitz and glamor.

Store: Lore'a Fashion
Designer: loreleil Coeur
Product: The Morgane Dress in Red
Collection:  50 Shades of Red
Release: February 2018
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Swank Events February Premiers the Loordes of London's "The Manhattan Project" - Combining Both Past & Modern Trends into a Wardrobe Essential

Coco Chanel once said that "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

This Loordes of London's "The Manhattan Project" exemplifies this premise. 

Loordes of London has taken inspiration from the past and carefully blended it 
into this latest contemporary fashion statement, giving a unique and stylish look. 
Its elegant, well-cut simplicity offers the perfect look for today's contemporary lifestyle. 

Today, the concept of women's separates has become a democratic sartorial style as demonstrated by this Loordes of London's "The Manhattan Project" with its hybrid blouse/skirt and matching accessory Akkadian Collections.

It can be dressed up or down, making it adaptable to wear in any season.

During the early 1900s, many sweatshops in Manhattan churned out early popular blouse garments. One was known as the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, which occupied the top three floors of a ten-story building and ensured maximum production by locking the exit doors. 

Sadly, a fire broke out in March of 1911 which trapped 146 women who died in 
less than fifteen minutes. This tragedy helped crystallize calls for reform, 
which eventually led to improved working conditions and safety measures.

Rural working class men mid-80s (

Today's feminine blouse has its antecedents in the undergarment known as this 

smock (or a shift or a chemise). It also originally served the same purposes 
as the men’s work shirt to basically protect the outer garments.

While not as universally worn, the feminine blouse adapted itself to almost 
every occasion through the mid-twentieth century. The haute couture often 
featured blouses to match suit jacket linings, while college women 
coordinated collared permanent-press blouses with casual skirts or slacks. 

As more women joined the labor force, nearly a third of the American 
labor force was female by 1960. The blouse continued to be the workhorse of 
clerical workers, teachers, and those in service industries.

In 1977 John T. Molloy in The Woman's Dress for Success Book famously advocated 
a "uniform" for the executive woman consisting of a skirted suit and blouse. 
He contended that, since the blouse made a measurable difference in the 
psychological impact of the suit, it should not be selected for 
emotional or aesthetic reasons, but for its message. 

The simple and elegant styling of this dress makes it a versatile piece.

"The Akkadian Collection" matching earrings & shoes

"The Manhattan Project" comes in three chic colors (Rose, Brown and Dark Grey) 
along with "The Akkadian Collection" - matching earrings and shoes to pair it with. 

Looking closely, this outfit provides very little definition to the waist. Instead, its sleeveless mock top gracefully transcends, ruffling slightly to its asymmetric high-low hemline which features single stitch piping – exposing the upper thighs and skirt in the front. The hem of its skirt reveals double stitched piping to complement that of the blouse.

This outfit will certainly become a timeless silhouette for your wardrobe collections. I hope that you enjoy wearing this ensemble as much as I do!

Store: Loordes of London
Designer: Maja Signa (coleen.macarthur)
Product: The Manhattan Project
Collection:  50 Shades of Red
Release: February 2018
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SWANK Events December '17 Premiers Prism's Akira Chiffon Petal Dress & Wings - Stunning Harmony with Winter's Wonderland

Pressing my nose to the frosted pane, 
I felt an Angel's breath upon my face.

Then looking out into the meadow afar,
 I witnessed something peaceful and serene.

I saw an angel singing in quiet joy to the world
above a frozen pond of smooth pearly ice,  
beckoning me with her shining grace.

Bestowed by billowing clouds, her heavenly sight 
casted a crisp winter array of diamonds in the snow.

She rose above three majestic pines of pure white, 
whose branches reached tall and exultant against the night's sky 
like statues standing still in the frozen air. 

As Winter's frozen lace descended from the sky, 
its meaning whispered in silent meditative harmony,
one miraculous Christmas Eve.

Store: PRISM Design
Designer: JEZZIXA Cazalet
Product: Akira Chiffon Petal Dress & Wings 
Collection: Winter Wonderland of Angels 
Release: December 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)