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Sunday, August 14, 2016

JUMO Naomi Dress: Evoking African-esque Flair at SWANK'S Event August

Smooth, elegant flowing dresses are always 
very cool and sophisticated. 

However, there comes a time when I want something with more character to wear at formal events here in Second Life. 

JUMO Fashion has just released this stunning Naomi Dress 
for Swank’s "Around the World" August theme.

This Jumo Naomi Fiesta Dress delivers with both 
romantic character and lavish retro-styling at once. 

This outfit defines the intersection of feminine charm and edgy 
quirk with its opulent and richly structured patterns.

Its boldly printed, avant gard inspired cross-wrapped bodice 
combines tongue-in-cheek tribal primitivism with flair. 

Bedecked with gold-chained straps and oval gemstone jewelry, 
it sensually evokes ecstatic, African-esque finesse. 

Its voluminous tiered layers of iridescent fiesta red ruffled pleating buckles high at the waist in perfect harmony with that of the top, creating a stunningly gorgeous silhouette.

This Jumo Naomi Dress is available in 5 different colors:
Fiesta (red), Black, Serenity, Nude, and Teal

Each contains the following:

Top in standard mesh sizes;
Dress (Pants) in fitmesh standard sizes;
Belt in fitmesh standard sizes and;a jewelry
 set containing necklace, earrings, bangles.

Store: Jumo Fashion
Designer: June Monteira
Product: Naomi Dress   
Collection: Summer 2016
Release: August
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

(BYRNE) Jasmine Dress & Scarf EXCLUSIVE for SWANK Event August

The Bryne Jasmine Dress & Scarf features 
a delicious take on the asian floral trend. 

This dress is the perfect new season transitional
piece with its artful blooms, inspired by
golden hues, orchid leis and assorted flowers.

Like a stunning display of
blossoming flowers, this strappy 
Bryne Jasmine Dress & Scarf
will instantly brighten any room you enter! 

This particular satin fabric look in Golden has fractal asian floral patterning (in golds, greens, rust oranges, whites and purples). 

The style and patterning of this Jasmine Dress
effortlessly transitions between the seasons. 

Combined with its sheer matching scarf, the sheeny satin
and corset-dress shape gives this slinky number
an alluring look and feeling all to itself. 

Wear yours with a pair of heeled sandals,
open toe pumps or casual flats. 

This strappy satin dress & sheer scarf
with oriental floral motif is available in 6 colors: 


It comes in standard sizing and fit mesh
for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza.

Store: Byrne Fashion
Designer: B Y R N E  (byrnedarkly.cazalet) 
Product: Jasmine Corset Dress & Scarf  
Collection: Summer 2016
Release: August
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

GLITTER FASHION Brooke Dress Premiers at SWANK Events August

Who says leather is only meant for jackets anymore? 
The leather dress is a trend that is here to stay.

If you’re one who adores wearing a fashionable edgy-chic dress then look no further. This leather Glitter Brooke Dress says is it all. 

Leather is our wardrobe's sleekest best friend. That said, 
this Glitter Brooke Leather Dress is definitely a must have! 

This super cool dress has rockability! 

The exquisite seaming, boning and stitching details are yummy. 
(I'm also loving the zipper detailing on the side.)

Its plunging neckline, asymmetrical leather bodice and shaped cut petite floral print sexy slit skirt oozes with edgy flair.

The look lends a classy '70s vibe with 21st century style and sophistication. The design of this dress strikes a harmonious
balance between today’s softer and masculine trends,
truly making it one of my favorites.

Rarely do I see a leather dress in Second Life done so right.
Kudos to Shine Messmer!

By accessorizing it with your sexy sheer hose, gloves, the right jewelry and laced up pumps, men will drop dead in their tracks seeing you strutting your darling diva self in this magnificent Glitter Fashion Brooke Dress.

Store: Glitter Fashion
Designer: Shine Messmer 
Product: Brooke Leather Dress  
Collection: Summer 2016
Release: August
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

LUXE Paris Bloom Tank Top & Cargo Pants Outfit Premiers at SWANK Events August

Feel free to be as feminine as you want to be, adorning this 
wonderful LUXE Paris Bloom Tank & Cargo Pants outfit. 

It is a closet staple which you can wear to dress up or down. 
 The look is flirty, a bit edgy, yet SO adorable! 

I absolutely love this ruffled peplum tank top 
& capris cargo pants outfit. It is so super cute!!

Let’s look at this outfit’s detailing a little closer. 

The colorful petite floral gingham patterned top with its 
ruffled peplum hem is exquisitely designed. 

This sweetheart tank oozes with supple softness. 

It's also amazing how the knot on this top completely 
transforms your look with flattering and fun flair. 
It gives it a very sexy faux-slit look!

Put this tank and cargo pant outfit on when the day's to-do list 
includes lounging, unwinding and relaxing. 

At first glance, the capri loose cut fit of these belted 
cargo pants lends a more practical than stylish look. 

However, once paired with the tank top with the 
addition of high heels and simple jewelry takes 
these cargo pants from sporty to feminine dressy.

You will be wowed by the versatility & feminine look 
of this casual chic combo. 

This LUXE Paris Bloom Tank Top & Cargo Pant Outfit
 is sure to make you Kissable!

Store: Luxe Paris Fashion
Designers: Mika Palmyra & Paris Skytower
Product: Bloom Tank Top & Cargo Pants 
Collection: Summer 2016
Release: August

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dot-BE Fashion Strapless Jumpsuit No. 7 Premiers at SWANK Events July

Jumpsuits are just about everywhere in Second Life. 

Wearing one can be a little intimidating from a styling 
standpoint if you've never worn one before. 

However, they can be totally feminine and sophisticated 
in the right cuts and with the right styling. 

Jump back in time to the days of Studio 54 with this 

Dot-BE Fashion Strapless Jumpsuit No. 7. 

This jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to the dress 
to effortlessly make an impact for any occasion. 

This jumpsuit makes a perfect fashion statement. 
 It can easily be worn in the day or the evening, whether you 
go out on a shopping trip with your squad, out for a nice dinner 
or a chic black tie cocktail party event. 

If you want to appreciate the design of this fabulous 
jumpsuit, take a scrutinizing look at the cut. 

Unlike a straight-up-and-down jumpsuit, this
body-cinching Dot-BE Fashion Strapless Jumpsuit 7
is a great way to show off your shape. 

The monochromatic look of this bodycon jumpsuit,
with its solid sweetheart graphite leather bodice top
and splashy print high-waist bottoms
is incredibly chic and sophisticated. 

Dot-BE Fashion also offers this structured and tailored jumpsuit in 
both bold colored patterns and alternate monochrome vibes.

So grab your clutch, pile on the some jewelry and get ready to party! 

This steezy jumpsuit is for the girl on the go 
who always wants to look her best.

Store: Dot-BE Fashion 
Designer: BonieFacio
Product: Strapless Jumpsuit No. 7 
Collection: Summer 2016 
Release: July 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

JS Creations Tiedye Beach Dress Premiers at SWANK Events July

With such a free-spirited personality & colorful style, 
there is no question that you’ll have to get this colorful 
JS Creations Tiedye Beach Dress in your wardrobe!

This flowing mini is destined to flatter your figure.

Back in the 1960s, tie-dye was introduced to America through 
the hippie movement, which ushered in the sexual revolution, 
flower children, psychedelic rock and free expression. 

The Hippie movement was an escape from the strict social norm 
of the 1950s, and tie-dye was just one way of expressing 
a hippie’s free-spirited nature. 

However, Tie-dye wasn't the brainchild of American hippies. 
Traditional methods of tie-dye were used in India, Japan 
and Africa as early as the sixth century.

So get totally far-out in this awesome
JS Creations Tiedye Beach Dress. 

This colorful Dress embraces your free-spirited nature. 

This dress features a drawstring waist top, a deep 
plunge neckline with boho embroidery accent patterning 
and a dreamy skirt with a rainbow palette of 
trippy swirling pink, red, green-blues and yellow hues. 

Whatever you pair it with you're sure to look great! 

I draped a silver clunky metal necklace over this embroidered garment’s plunged neckline and paired it with a beach hat, 
metal bangles, pink tights and camel sandals. 

Any way you accessorize it, this heavenly ensemble will 
have you psychedelically strolling on the wild side of style!

Peace, Love and Tie-Dye Forever!

Store: JS Creations
Designer: Jessickaaah
Product: Beach TieDye Dress (Rose)
Collection: Summer 2016
Release: July 

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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